Data for Change

How data science can have a significant role in realizing Indonesia’s Education Roadmap for 2045

My elementary school building in Indonesia (source: Author)


A few life lessons we can get from watching the dynamic changes happening in today’s game.

A discussion on how Southeast Asian cities should learn from one another and achieve strong economic integration

Would you rather own an abundance of wealth or actually live within it?

Making the right poverty alleviation strategy that fulfills people’s needs based on insights and predictions generated using data science

A discussion on the importance and economic benefits of conserving heritage sites in Indonesia’s cities

How smart city technology can generate insights on various drivers of productivity

We are all citizens of the world, so let’s enrich ourselves through exploring new cultures!

To overcome disparity, Indonesia should focus on developing its cities, especially the ones outside Java

Freddy Fashridjal

Data Analytics Professional at SEA-based tech company. MSc Urban Economic Development form the Bartlett, UCL. Experience in Public Sector Consulting.

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